Ms. Clark - Science


My name is Caitlin Clark. I am a native of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. I received my bachelor’s degree from Clemson University in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.  Afterwards, I received a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Clemson University.  I am a Laing Middle School alumni.  It was a wonderful school then and has since become an even better institution of quality learning.  I am very excited to start my third year as part of the Laing Middle School family this year.  I have a passion for science and nature that I hope will inspire and motivate my students. Currently, I teach 7th grade science. 

Thank you so much and have a great year!

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

As you may know, Laing Middle School of Science and Technology is conducting classes in a unique way.  Seventh grade will have iPads for the school year to use in their classes.  As we embrace this technology, students will use these iPads a large amount of the time in science, as well as their other subjects.  Also, students will use a sight known as Edmodo for most of their classwork.  From now on, assignments and grades will be posted on this sight.  Each student has her/her own username and password.  To login, please go to

Edmodo is a useful tool as each student's profile has a link to all of their classes, complete and incomplete assignments within each class, and assignment grades for each class. I will do my best to keep sharp school and power school updated as well as edmodo.  Students should be able to access all of these resources from anywhere with internet availability.

Need extra help with science? 

Sign up for a tutoring session with me during one of these times each week:

  • Monday Afternoon 3:40-4:15 pm
  • By Appointment