Math 8

Math ~ 8th grade

Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Course Description

Math 8 lays the foundation for all future math courses.  This course allows students to learn the skills necessary to successfully complete high-school math. In Math 8, students will focus on the following five key concepts:  (1) The Number System, (2) Functions,         (3) Expressions, Equations, and Equations, (4) Geometry and Measurement, and (5) Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.  The SC Grade 8 standards can be found at the following link:

Materials Needed

  • Text/Workbook: Glencoe Math Course 3

  • Pencils, erasers, and pens

  • Spiral Notebook or Composition Notebook

  • Graph paper (will remain in classroom)

  • Dry erase markers (will remain in classroom)

Online Textbook

Students will be able to access their textbook online at the following website:

Each student will be provided with their own username and password for log-in.

Rules and Procedures

Students are expected to follow the PRIDE behaviors posted in the classroom.  Students should exemplify Laing PRIDE at all times.  

P- Personal Responsibility




E-Effective Behaviors (12)

In addition, students will follow the 8th grade common procedures attached in their agenda.


Consequences for Tier One offenses are listed in the student handbook, located in the Laing Agenda.  Any students not following the classroom procedures or PRIDE expectations will be issued a minor or major office referral.


Grading Policy

Assessments may include, but are not limited to homework, classwork, quizzes, projects, and tests.  Homework is an opportunity for students to practice and will be checked daily for completion.  Homework that is completely finished will receive full credit; incomplete homework receives half credit. If no attempt to complete the homework has been made, the student will receive a zero.  Late homework is accepted for half credit.  Classwork that is late will receive a 5 point deduction each day that it is late.  

Assignments and Assessments will be weighted as follows each quarter:

Tests/Projects 40%

Quizzes 30%

Classwork 15%

Homework 15%

Tardies and Absences

Students who are tardy to class will be admitted. However, if it is unexcused, the student will be issued a minor. Excuses for absences should be submitted to the homeroom teacher as soon as the student returns to school.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work.  Five (5) days from the date the student returns from an excused absence are allowed to complete makeup work.

Study Habits

  1. Take notes and copy all examples during class.

  2. Ask questions in class.  Do not be shy!

  3. Keep all handouts, notes and assignments in your binder.  Stay organized!

  4. When studying for a quiz or test, students should practice problems from their notes, classroom examples, and homework.

Extra Help

Every Thursday, I will be available for student help before school (at 7:45).  Please inform me by Wednesday of plans to stay for Thursday tutoring.  Call or email anytime your child is confused or struggling.  The sooner I know about any problems, the sooner I can help. I am here to help your child succeed!  I can also schedule other times to help your child as needed…just ask!