8th Grade Spanish - High School Credit

This 8th grade course will follow chapters one through four in the class textbooks, but will focus strongly on the integration of specific topics listed below with vocabulary, grammar, and country-specific discoveries.  Students will receive high school credit with a passing year-end grade.  This includes a final exam worth 20 percent. 

  • Introduction/Greetings
  • Review of material from 6th and 7th grades
  • Describing oneself utilizing adjectives and verb conjugations of SER
  • Family and Friends
  • Articles of clothing and colors
  • Numbers and time
  • School and Jobs
  • Grammar, grammar, and more grammar such as ser vs. estar, gustar, -AR, -ER, and –IR verbs,irregular verb conjugations, and stem-changing verbs

Syllabus 8th Grade 2012-2013.pdf